360Globalnet and BC Legal are pleased to announce a partnership which will see 360Globalnet offer Quantum Calculator as an Injury Assessment and Evaluation Toolkit within the 360Retrieve family of products, to be known as 360Retrieve QC.

360Retrieve is an advanced unstructured data analytics platform where “locked up” text-based information can be turned into analysable data for enhanced anti-fraud results, injury and legal claims profiling, GDPR compliance and now, with Quantum Calculator, Injury Claim Assessment and Evaluation.

360Retrieve QC (Quantum Calculator) will now be available for all 360Retrieve customers as a valuable additional module spanning the range of personal injury assessment.

Chris McCrudden, Operations Director of BC Legal, said: “As soon as we met the 360Globalnet team and saw their software platform, we knew a collaboration would be hugely exciting for both parties. Like 360Retrieve, our claims handling software, such as ABC Quantum, is designed to promote efficiency and innovation whilst maintaining technical excellence during the claims handling process. We are looking forward to working together on this project and hopefully many more in the future."

Paul Stanley, CEO 360Globalnet, says: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with BC Legal to deliver 360Retrieve QC. This is a very exciting partnership and additional service for 360Retrieve, where in addition to unstructured analysis and claims profiling, we are now able to provide market-leading functionality for our clients to assess and evaluate injury claims from minor to large and catastrophic loss, all within joined-up online technology.”

About BC Legal

BC Legal is the only boutique law firm specialised in the handling of occupational disease and personal injury claims for the defendant market.

Since its start-up in 2013, the firm has grown to be one of the largest providers of specialist disease services within the UK, with over 50 clients and a team of 40 specialist lawyers.

With technology as a major driver of the firm, BC Legal has made huge investment in their own in-house team of 5 software developers who are constantly advancing their unique claims handling software. These tools allow their lawyers and their clients to do things better and more cost effectively with greater control and transparency during the claims handling process.

About 360Globalnet

360Globalnet is an international digital technology and services business focused on the worldwide insurance industry, operating in UK/Europe, USA and Australia.

It provides online digital platform technology to revolutionise the insurance claims process, offering personal and business customers a highly responsive online experience.

The business is owned by its management and invested in by DXC Technology of the USA, and a number of seasoned insurance investors.

Formed in 2010 by entrepreneurs with a proven track record of developing transformational technologies, the products and services 360Globalnet offers today reflect the multi-million-pound investment in a strategic digital vision of insurance, envisioned at the outset.

A customer-centric approach, utilising mobile devices, enables businesses to ‘see every claim’ and ‘see every risk’. Today, these technologies are used by some of the world’s leading insurance companies, enabling them to significantly increase efficiency and control of claims costs.

Benefits of 360Retrieve QC

  • The software is the most comprehensive quantum calculator for all types of personal injury and occupational disease claims including fatal claims, lost years claims and those of utmost severity;
  • Executive and ad-hoc created dashboards provide snapshots of key quantum and reserving data across entire books of business;
  • Unique reserving functionality allows for performance of accurate 'day one' assessments of reserves based on a book's claims history; and
  • The unique discount rate comparison and update tool assesses and analyses reserves held on an entire book of claims instantly. Predictive analysis for assistance with IBNR assessments can be performed quickly and accurately. Changes in IBNR requirements following discount rate changes can be actioned in seconds, even for thousands of claims.


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