Oxbow Partners can always be relied on to spot the technology partners insurers should partner with. In the 2019 report released today Oxbow highlights the 25 that made an impact in 2018 and continue to do so in 2019.

360Globalnet is proud to be amongst those with its Digital Claims Platform, 360Siteview, that digitally transforms claims processes and workflows from FNOL to settlement and provides a communications and orchestration hub for all participants from the customer through internal staff to all the supply chain.

12 months on from the 2018 report 360Siteview has now processed over 3.5 million claims for major insurers in the USA, Europe and Far East. 360Globalnet overcomes the major constrain to digital claims ( incumbent systems of record whether 15 year old legacy systems or modern leviathan digital platforms that are complex and costly to change) with the fast to implement and deploy digital claims solution- 360Siteview.

This is rounded by 360Retrieve to access, join and analyse unstructured and semi-structured data which typically lies inaccessible in data and system silos. Insurers typically use 360Retrieve for Fraud & Data Prevention and Personal Injury Analytics.

Why would an insurer digitally transform claims and BI/Analytics whilst relying on unreformed claims services like: -

  • Drainage
  • Subsidence
  • Subrogation & Liability
  • Investigations

360ClaimsServices have done to supply chain services what Airbnb has done to hospitality and Uber/Lyft to taxis. Disrupted the traditional market of unreformed service providers for the delight of customers and the reduction of costs.

The three complimentary solutions from 360Globalnet which, when combined, deliver the multiplier effect.

  • Higher NPS and customer satisfaction
  • Greater efficiency and lower costs
  • Future proofing insurers against future disruption

Read the full report from Oxbow to see how 360Globalnet and other technology partners are making a big impact in 2019