Spoiler alert: Naughty in 2021 = kicking the digital can down the road and hoping that the elves who do the transformation checking for Santa didn’t check too closely. Nice = accepting the challenge and embracing digital acceleration that all those insurance customers now demand in their claims stockings.

Joking aside, the insurance industry has never experienced so much change, threat and challenge in such a short space of time as it did in 2020. With COVID continuing to rage, new FCA rules on pricing and consumer expectations reset by the wonders of the digital retail experience, the already high bar ends the year still rising.

As insurers enter 2021, their greatest challenge is not finding, building or developing the technology: some of the world’s leading insurers have already grasped that the no-code revolution can deliver simultaneously what even Santa would struggle to:

  1. Satisfied policyholders
  2. Slashed operational costs

For the last decade, the Insurance industry sleigh has been gently cruising down snowy digital claims hillsides with destinations such as ‘eFNOL’, ‘Supply-chain Automation’ and ‘Remove Site Visits’ still marked out in way-distant villages. Unfortunately, many companies are now in the middle of a frozen lake and the ice is cracking. They have to move quickly but also can’t be too rough.

Luckily, no-code technology from 360Globalnet can wrap around legacy systems like the cashmere blankets around the knees of those whose assets are freezing! It can add digital functionality, automation and retail-style notifications to the claims journey, helping companies reach the opposite bank (and the real bank!) safely.

We have worked with global brands in 2020, with many making the necessary transformations in a fraction of the time and cost of a typical ‘spec and build’ approach.

Whether it’s accelerate, transform, replace or just improve and integrate, 360Globalnet can fulfil your 2021 wish-list and more, delivering what you need to remain on your own customers’ Nice List in 2021. One thing we can’t do though is drop down your chimney and place it under your tree… but for that you just have to get in touch and find out more about we enable award-winning digital claims.

Check our more here or alternatively, get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.

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