wrokers compensation claims management

The knowledge of your best adjuster is captured and reflected in the digital process

When it comes to workers compensation claims, there is so much to remember and so much admin to complete at every step of the way.


From First Notice through to closure, there are many opportunities for delays which can be eliminated with the right solution. This is where 360Globalnet come in.


With our award-winning no-code digital platform, 360SiteView, claim reporting is made simple for all involved. Whether it’s HR or the injured/affected worker, First Notice can be completed through any device with a browser, so reporting the claim could not be easier. The collection of the right information is guided by the system - you only need to answer the relevant questions with our dynamic forms, with the information being securely uploaded into a single digital record.


360SiteView can then start to handle all those time consuming tasks automatically, such as the capture of authorizations for medical records and salary validations, all of which are configured to ensure that State requirements are in full compliance.


Automate the repitive tasks and let your adjusters do their job - making informed decisions


Once the claim is underway, the system will track and monitor the process at every stage, often without the need for human intervention. For example, with 360SiteView, there is no need for any manual involvement in order track a series of visits to the doctor’s office or to ensure that any out of pocket expenses on the part of the injured worker are appropriately managed. The system will automatically follow up at every step of the way and ensure that all those involved in the claim are kept fully informed.


When the time comes to return to work, 360SiteView will send the appropriate assessment to ensure that all necessary criteria to start employment again are fulfilled.


No-code claims technology is the enabler


The system is configured in plain English with no need for code, and the knowledge of your best adjuster is captured and reflected in the logic that is designed into the process. This ensures that your adjusters can spend more time making key decisions and less on repetitive administration.


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wrokers compensation claims management

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