US insurers settle 3,000 insurance claims in the devastating wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey in just 3 days, using digital insurance claims technology.

In 2017, southern American states including Florida and Texas endured record storms, with Hurricanes Irma and Harvey making landfall only weeks apart. Large-scale evacuations followed and a state of emergency declared.

Despite these extraordinary circumstances, one Florida-based insurer managed to process over 3,000 claims in just three days using digital insurance claims technology from 360Globalnet.

"We can't be more complimentary about this new digital process, from concept, through to implementation of hurricane damage claims triage. It was impressive how 360Globalnet's team was so responsive, assisting in every way they could, to make the deployment run so smoothly." - Florida Peninsula CEO

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When Hurricane Irma hit Florida, 360Globalnet's digital claims platform was already being piloted by local insurer, Florida Penisula, for property inspections. In only 5 days, the platform was demoed, templates created and testing completed - on day fice, the solution was live and working.

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Faster, simpler customer-led claims process

Within twenty minutes of going live, self-reported claims began to roll in. Their customers had immediately adopted the new digital process that consisted of completing a simple online form, and uploading video, text and image evidence. One enterprising customer even took photos by drone. The insurer saved on call centre and external resources, because the customer-provided data was clear, making resource allocation simple.

The ultimate test, passed

The CEO of Florida Peninsula decided to test the system himself, without telling his employees. He uploaded his own Irma-related claim in the evening - the system determined a field adjuster would be needed due to the extent of the damage - the very next morning an adjuster was at his home.

Benefits for the customer AND insurer

Customers were very pleased with the new, easy claims process. They were informed and in control, claims were settled faster - 3,000 in 3 days, with minimal disruption to their already extensive clean-up projects. Savings were made on call centre and external resources, becausue customer-provided data was clear, making assessment and resource allocation simple.

"Instead of having to increase our temporary workforce to handle over 20,000 claims, we implemented this digital system. It allowed for a more efficient FNOL process, enabling workers to process claims more quickly." - Florida Peninsula CEO

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