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digital site visit solution

The Virtual Face-to-Face Alternative.

In the current world, if you CAN'T deal face-to-face when you ideally need to, it pays to have a robust alternative that works seamlessly for both parties.

360Globalnet has built on its award-winning no-code technology to create D.A.V.E.: an enterprise-strength online system that replicates - and often improves on - the benefits of site visits without the associated costs or dangers.

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In situations where an insurer – or any company that relies on-site visits or interviews - would usually send an agent or loss adjuster to collect information, assess damage or loss, or simply gather evidence, they can now do this entirely virtually.


D.A.V.E. allows customers and others to follow a detailed online guided process to provide the exact information and evidence that would otherwise have been obtained face-to-face; moreover, it allows real-time collaboration between claim handlers/adjusters and the customer and the invoking of live streaming video.

Paul Stanley, CEO of 360Globalnet, said: “No-one saw a seismic change like Covid-19 effectively changing companies’ operational and business models overnight. Our no-code online digital technology allowed us to very quickly respond and build a technology to replicate any face to face requirement and, unlike simple live streaming technology, D.A.V.E. has a comprehensive feature set to provide a collaborative customer-friendly experience."


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digital site visit solution

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