What a year for insurance! As if COVID didn’t present enough operational challenges, we had unprecedented numbers of hurricanes and lost millions of acres of forest to wildfires. All of this has led to a significant uptick in interest for digital platforms, and 360Globalnet has been assisting the industry through a period of recovery and alternate business models.

1. Ensure that the customer is at the center of your world

Retailers with an online presence have set the bar high in terms of customer service. Choice is huge, next day deliveries are commonplace and normally the price is right. Nowadays, if an online service can’t hit some basic benchmarks the result is immense frustration, and perhaps even resentment.

In terms of insurance, a recent report in the UK publication InsuranceTimes, an expert panel gave their opinion in no uncertain terms, saying “a customer's bad claims experience and the overall reputation of the insurer can have a negative impact on claims costs. In our experience this applies across the globe.

Amazon provides their customers with an experience that is simple to use, reliable and extremely convenient. Others such as Wayfair and Walmart have followed this model and built their own loyal followings. 360 Globalnet is now helping global insurers to do the same with its simple to use platform, guiding customers through a claim and keeping them completely updated the whole time.

This compares to legacy platforms which are often limited digitally, certainly expensive, and not agile when the business needs to act quickly. 360Globalnet’s 360Siteview is a no code platform that enhances existing systems, wrapping around them to provide an end to end, automated digital experience.

From eFNOL, automated text/email updates for all claim participants and digital workflows to 3rd party integration and automated settlement capability. All in a low cost, fast to implement platform.

2. End to End Claims Cost Optimization

In a 2018 article, Mckinsey were linking successful cost optimization programs to digital initiatives. Now with the pressures that have built throughout 2020, this is becoming critical.

Carriers have sought solutions to resolve specific elements of a process, which in isolation is fine, but the helicopter view would suggest otherwise. We are seeing competent solutions being stitched together by already overstretched technology teams, the result of which is at best cost neutral, but at worst a transactional beast has been created that consumes cash in terms of hard cost and resource (and hence more cash) to maintain.

Big cost problems cannot be resolved by implementing multiple point solutions across an end to end claim process, which is where the multi capable solution in the form of 360Siteview performs the once magical trick of genuine cost reduction with a simultaneous hike in customer satisfaction.

If you'd like find how we can optimize the costs inherent in the claims process whilst also putting your customers first, go here.

3. Improving fraud detection

Whether it’s the economy, business or indeed our own lives, we try to move forwards by blocking out our windscreens and looking in the rear-view mirror to see where we’ve been and using that information to work out where we go next.

This does not help in the fight against fraud where three key elements conspire to benefit the fraudsters:

  • A disparate and enforced operational model of working from home can hinder the sharing of knowledge

  • Great information that we seek by looking on the rear-view mirror is locked down, often in multiple systems in the form of free text which can be accessed but not effectively analyzed.

  • You can’t see fraud taking place NOW. Fraud techniques seen in the rear-view mirror may already be outdated.

360Globalnet’s unstructured data analysis technology 360Retrieve removes often subjective judgement by automatically reviewing every claim. Claims run through a set of precisely tailored, automated rule sets which can be set to trigger and flag characteristics that may indicate potentially fraudulent claims.

To see how our UK client Mulsanne have saved £4.5m in fraud detection with the help of 360Globalnet, feel free to check out what Mulsanne ‘s David Taylor had to say during the Instech London’s ‘Data Is The New Oil’, here.

To learn more about our unstructured data technology, 360Retrieve, check out this page.

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