hurricane claims management digital

Are you ready for Hurricane Season?


360Globalnet has long established themselves as the leading model for hurricane claims management. Our award-winning no-code claims technology has transformed the way insurers approach storms, enabling them to quickly reassure policyholders and absorb the surge in claims with ease whilst dramatically cutting the operational costs associated with hurricanes.


Storms present a unique set of challenges for insurers. It’s crucial to be able to act quickly, to work with your policyholders and to settle claims as quickly as possible – and all can be overcome when preparation and no-code digital technology are adopted.


Before we get into detail, we’ll let Paul Adkins, Chairman of our client Florida Peninsula, talk of his experience bringing 360Globalnet on board to handle Hurricane Irma claims.


hurricane claims management digital


Paul Adkins, Chairman of Florida Peninsula, speaking of the incredible 360Globalnet hurricane claims handling model


Speaking at DXC's client conference in Florida, Paul talks about the results Florida Peninsula were able to acheive during Hurricane Urma, and the speed in which 360Globalnet were able to react and deliver on their requirements with no-code technology. If you'd like to find out more, get in touch.


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hurricane claims handling
hurricane claims handling

No-code digital hurricane claims

For insurers, the challenge of obsurbing the inherrent surge in claims that hurricane create, whilst reassuring policyholders and settling the claims quickly can appear to be an impossible task.


However, at 360Globalnet, our no-code technology is enabling insures around the world to handle such challenges with ease, enabling insurers to prepare, save costs and deliver performance and satisfaction to their customers.


Our cloud-based no-code claims management platform enables insurers to respond quickly by configuring bespoke processes and workflows for individual storms. From here;


  • We batch process and send an alert warning, advising folk in the forecast hurricane path to recatalogue contents

  • The storm specific FNOL allows a simple claim submission even for complex claims

  • Video and imagery is provided as evidence

  • Rapid triage of claims to ensure they are appropriately priortized

  • Loss adjusters can assess uploaded evidence and don’t have to go to all sites to inspect.

  • Policyholders are notified at every status change

  • Claims are settled faster

  • And with the 'pre-storm condition' provided in the refreshed catalogue, fraud is reduced.

This digital model is a win:win for insurers and policyholders alike. Policyholders are reasurred during their time of need and their claims are settled faster. Insurers operational costs plummet and NPS scores rise. If you'd like to find out more, get in touch today.


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