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I really think you should contact the Guinness Book of Records! I damaged the induction hob on Thursday, 11.55am. At 7.55, Saturday, a new one was delivered. No form-filling, no fuss and friendly staff at all points in the process. Surely some sort of record?

Insurance Claimant

digital claims processing
digital claims processing


Our customer-led digital claims reporting and settlement reduces claim lifecycle, improves supply chain management and transforms the customer experience.

  • Put your customers in charge of their claims
    Customers upload claim data, using video and imagery where possible to explain the loss. Our automated portal keeps them updated on claim status.
  • Cost-saving automation that you control
    360SiteView is 100% configurable to your business. No technical knowledge is required and the platform manages any type of claim. Save 10-13% of costs through better operational decision-making.
  • A better way to manage collaboration of your supply chain
    360SiteView creates a single digital record for each claimant allowing appropriate suppliers to be linked to each claim. Full transparency encourages better compliance to service standards.
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I'm so impressed by the speed of development and IP transfer, in consultation with our clients. 360 approach tasks in a totally different way. It is really refreshing.

UK Insurer

unstructurerd data analysis


Once all relevant claim data is uploaded, 360Retrieve sorts, manages and stores it securely in the cloud. This comprehensive data analysis and management tool makes all types of data searchable and accessible.

  • Access and use 100% of your business data
    Structured and unstructured data is captured, managed and analysed, giving you 100% access and visibility of all claim information as soon as it's uploaded.
  • Fraud reduction
    360Retrieve combats and reduces fraud by up to 40%. False positive personal injury cases are reduced, with many more red-flag personal injury claims identified. One client uncovered 27 organised fraud rings inside three months.
  • Secure solution that supports GDPR compliance

    Triple redundant servers ensure security, resilience and scalability of the platform. 360Retrieve supports legal, financial and GDPR compliance.

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unstructurerd data analysis

This is not just a “win” for the customer. Insurers are seeing tangible benefits too. Indemnity cost reductions of around 15% are reported as claims can be settled faster and with higher levels of accuracy. This is because of the nature of the visual verification they receive, which is a far cry from today’s commonplace claims reporting methods.

Editor on InsurTech, The Digital Insurer

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