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Digital claims for workers compensation
Digital claims for workers compensation

Experts are now predicting that the winter season could bring an increase in Covid-19 cases in the US.

It’s the last thing small businesses, the insurance industry, or any of us needs. That’s why decisively making the move to digital now can help insurers keep their employees, insureds and all parties to a risk inspection or claim safe and socially distant.  This can be especially important when Insurers are supporting small businesses with Commercial Products including Workers Compensation.

Introducing digital elements to customers and workflow can minimize the delays and backlogs often associated with risk inspections during the underwriting process and the entire claims process. Net result: a much better experience for customers and adjusters plus business retention for insurers and increased safety for all involved.

360Globalnet has substantial experience in commercial insurance lines of business, particularly in workers compensation.

When a tier 1 US Insurer needed to streamline their workers compensation underwriting and claims process, they turned to 360Globalnet’s no-code digital platform to implement self-service digital risk inspections and an end-to-end digital claims process from FNOL to closure of the claim.

We can do the same for you… and quickly. As a no-code fully digital system, we can build systems in days rather than months allowing you to be ready in a few weeks and fit to cope before you need to be.


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Digital claims management

Digital FNOL combined with remote live-streaming technology and automated settlement.


  • Faster response times
  • Faster settlement times
  • Reduced physical inspections
  • Increased fraud detection
  • Improved customer experience
  • More cost efficient
  • and social distancing compliant!


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Digital claims management

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