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Digital tools, human experts

Our claims services start at customer-led digital claim reporting and finish at settlement. Whether the claim requires drainage, escape of water, subsidence, fire or flood investigation or services, the work is carried out by our extensive network of professionals.

  • The right professional on-site fast
    We have established networks of professionals who can offer on-the-ground services fast, all using our unique 360SiteView technology suite.
  • Specialist teams for specialist claims
    Complex claims require special services. Our network includes all kinds of professionals, including those with investigative, fullfilment and specialist skills.
  • Allocate resource efficiently
    Utilising 360SiteView we align the availability, capacity and skillset of our resource to the characteristics of the claim to ensure an optimal customer experience.

End-to-end business benefits

At 360Globalnet, our 360ClaimServices shrink claim lifecycles, reduce indemnity costs, improve claims handling efficiency and deliver enhanced Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

  • Transparency
    See every claim, see every risk. Fully transparent and collaborative approach to managing claims process that delivers enhanced results in all key performance indicators.
  • Flexibility
    Even during peak volume times, such as during a major weather event, our model allows you to provide seamless customer service as well as a much faster turnaround.
  • Cost savings
    The combination of our deep claims expertise and our unique technology enables genuine claims to be optimally settled whilst erroneous costs are avoided.

Get the right people for the job, every time

Reduce response time for your customers

Provide expert local services fast

Trusted, experienced on-the-ground professionals

Save time and cost with standardised reporting processes

Responsive remote workforce even during peak volume times

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