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360 Claims Services

Our services close the loop from customer-led claim report to settlement. Our network of partners, called WithYouIn5, provides a unique on-demand response for claim resolution. In addition, we have expert teams that use our technology to transform drainage, escape of water and subsidence claims results.

  • Faster claims progression and repairs
    Within minutes of the customer logging their claim, your experts can view evidential data and find on-the-ground local professionals to help progress repairs fast.
  • Access a network of vetted, trusted professionals
    You allocate an instruction to your choice of best-suited local professionals. They are able to collaborate more efficiently, using a single digital record that is updated in real-time and contains all key details of the claim.
  • Superior customer service
    Works can be costed accurately and in variation via the 360SiteView platform. Claim life-cycles are minimised, leading to vastly improved customer service and reduced costs.
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This is not just a “win” for the customer. Insurers are seeing tangible benefits too. Indemnity cost reductions of around 15% are reported as claims can be settled faster and with higher levels of accuracy. This is because of the nature of the visual verification they receive, which is a far cry from today’s commonplace claims reporting methods.

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