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Personal Service & Frictionless Claims


Want to understand 360SiteView a little more?

This short animation illustrates the top line benefits our technology can provide. Being digital is more than just window dressing. It is automation, orchestration, rules engines, workflow, supply chain management all wrapped up in a package that thrills your customers and allows your staff to focus where it counts.


Remote Site visits with D.A.V.E.

COVID-19 stopped face-to-face inspections so insurers asked us for a digitised alternative collecting all the evidence required for risk management, property and vehicle inspections. D.A.V.E. delivers faster, more conveniently and saves travel time and costs.

Once digitised always digitised as an integral part of claims digital workflows


Unstructured data analysis for improved fraud detection and business intelligence

Our unstructured data analysis software, 360Retrieve, is a web-based data management and business intelligence solution. All types of documents (including scanned documents) become fully searchable and open to analysis. Our unique data analytics provides deep insight into claims trends and patterns to identify and combat fraud.