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Digital claims handling will out-perform peers.

360Globalnet is working with some of the world’s leading Insurers to facilitate fully digital claims handling processing from online reporting to settlement for any claim type, of any complexity in any geography.


The Corona Virus crisis has demonstrated the necessity for Insurers to provide their customers an efficient and seamless online “end to end” process for managing their claims, when call centres and back offices are seriously affected, physical visits are proscribed and repairs delayed.


Those companies who have online digital technology to readily adapt to an ever-changing situation, whilst reducing operational cost, controlling claims spend and improving the customer experience will out-perform their peers in an extremely challenging future. Customers of all descriptions will be looking to cut cost, competition for the available business will be intense and the efficiency of claims settlement will be a major contributor to bottom line performance over the next 5 years.


We can help Insurers reduce operational cost by up to -50%, positively impact claims cost by -8% whilst Net Promoter Scores approach the 80’s.


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