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Crisis insurance remote digital workforce 2-1

What is your response to crisis?

360Globalnet are working with some of the world's leading insurers to move their claims processing to digital as a critical part of their Covid-19 response.


We are migrating these clients to digital cloud-based claims handling in weeks - sometimes even days. This lessens the workload on hard-pressed claims staff and also enables them to work from anywhere with just a browser and internet link. 


We can revolutionise your Covid-19 response with a quick to deploy no-code online digital workflow application which includes universal self-service capability, live and offline video streaming and a host of features to allow you rapidly to deploy comprehensive digital claims management for customers, brokers supply chains, fraud teams and claims handlers. All in a low cost model. 


We are helping our clients become more resilient. Let us do the same for you.

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Crisis insurance remote digital workforce 2-1

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