eFNOL for brokers platform

Transform FNOL with customer-led digital claims reporting

Our digital tools put the customer in charge of reporting and managing their own claims. Claim lifecycle time is significantly reduced, improving efficiencies in your business and driving up customer satisfaction.

  • Works as online solution or via contact centre
    Customer completes a simple incident-specific template obtained from your website, your app, or via a contact centre.
  • Simple process
    The 360BrokerLink process is designed to keep all steps of the claim short, maximising the use of video,  imagery and documents to explain the loss.
  • Automated customer portal
    The customer is kept updated automatically of claim progress and can check status at any time without the need to login or remember another password.
eFNOL for brokers platform
digital first notification of loss for brokers
digital first notification of loss for brokers

Broking made easy with 360BrokerLink

  • Customer contacts broker or authorised rep. (AR) to help lodge a claim

  • AR initiates the 360BrokerLink claim and sends a link to the customer to complete the incident details

  • Accurate claims related information and evidence collected in minutes, including videos, photos, documents and receipts

  • Details can be automatically forwarded onto the relevant insurer

  • Brokers and ARs can track pending claims once received

  • Customers are automatically updated as claims progress

All this can be accessed via any mobile device, tablet or computer; can be integrated within your own website; tailored and branded to your own business and eliminates chasing up claims forms and following up missing information.

eFNOL for brokers

Improve customer experience

digitial claims handling for brokers

Collect accurate claims data in minutes

digital first notification of loss for brokers

Make critical decisions faster from your desk

broker solution for eFNOL

Halve the work and hassle in processing claims

collect claims data in minutes

Save costs with fewer site visits

digital broker platform

Speed up claims process

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