The 360Globalnet Difference

Our approach to business is different.

In building the business, we raise the money and then build and implement the technology.  This way, we know it works.  And, the investment is at our expense, not yours.

In our view, changing or developing legacy systems is expensive, and often, unnecessary.

Secure cloud-based systems allow the rapid development and deployment of digital technology, enabling large organisations to be as agile as their smaller, nimbler competitors.

The valuable information held within your systems, whether legacy or online digital systems, can be glued together, to give you a one-world view of your business’ activities.  This view can include KPIs, and exception-reporting, so a business health-check is available to you in real-time.

Our technology is modular.  Rather like Lego bricks, it is designed for assembly in any order, to suit your needs.  Why settle for a sub-optimal compromise, to work with core systems, when you can work with a smart new system, increase efficiencies and improve customer service?

A lot has been said about digital disruption.  We are delivering it.  And changing business models for the better.



Going Off Road

Your core system is like a motorway.  Repairs and upgrades are only possible with major disruption.

In our view, discrete tasks can be taken off road to enable faster, higher value processes, to be created and fed back to the core system, without the need for data integration.

Analytics provides a one-world view of your business by serving up relevant information, no matter where it originates from.  


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