We know that being able to grow your infrastructure as your business grows, in a secure environment whilst being cost effective, is important.  

That’s why we use Amazon Web Services to manage all our products and services. It provides agility and flexibility whilst remaining low cost and highly secure. Triple redundancy ensures we can always provide a service if you have internet connectivity. We house gateways to our infrastructure at Sovereign House. This means we can accommodate connectivity for your corporate network to our Amazon environment if required.


We have three steps to keeping your data secure and available to you and your chosen users

  • Encryption


     We use encrypted traffic and storage, multifactor authentication and secure multi-channel VPNs to keep data safe

  • Penetration Tested

    Penetration Tested

     We test our products for a wide range of penetration attacks

  • Triple Redundancy

    Triple Redundancy

    Data is stored in triplicate which ensures your data is always available to you


Access to our products is via the web through a browser, meaning integration is as simple as a hyper-link. 

We have a range of RESTful APIs that enable connectivity with third party applications for automated integration.

And because we use the web, our systems are intuitive and require little training, which improves deployment, shortens project life cycle that ultimately reduces the cost.