In 2010 360Globalnet set out to devise, create and acquire novel and disruptive digital technology products and services, so businesses could switch to digital processes, to improve efficiencies and achieve competitive advantage.

Businesses get a 360-degree view of an incident, for faster, more accurate decision-making to they can rapidly adopt and exploit digital processes, to significantly improve customer self-service, to the level of retail online.

360Globalnet successfully revises clients’ business models, with minimum business disruption and maximum business benefit, so human intervention is used, at the most appropriate point in the reporting process.

We continue to invest substantially in our online digital platform so it is sufficiently high quality for our clients to offer the mobile experience customers demand; it's a reason why our implementation success rate is 100 percent.

Our core team consists of more than 60 experts, with wide-ranging industry business and technology expertise, plus a team of 1,000 field workers, to facilitate assisted incident reporting.

360Globalnet is majority privately owned.  In 2016, CSC, the number one provider of core insurance solutions globally, established a strategic alliance relationship with and invested in 360Globalnet, to bring its technology to a worldwide insurance audience.


Creativity and ingenuity, delivered by high quality business architects, system designers and software developers.

We challenge the status quo and replace old models with transformational new models, based on the latest digital technology. 

Our clients make faster, better and more informed decisions through the adoption of new digital technologies. We use digital technologies, such as Video over Internet and Live Streaming and business strategies, such as Crowdsourcing, as well as the power of mobile devices, to deliver new services. 

We make text and documents searchable in an advanced Data/Analytics BI and MI toolset. We own, operate and develop UAV’s (Drones) and 360-degree, on the ground video systems and more.

All of our technology puts customers at the heart of incident reporting and ensures the supply chain delivers, seamlessly and cost-effectively, on behalf of the end user and our client.


Our Leadership Team

  • Paul Stanley FCII

    Paul Stanley FCII

    Chief Executive Officer

    Paul Stanley

    Chief Executive Officer, FCII

    Highly imaginative and innovative individual
    Launched 5 successful start-up companies
    Extensive knowledge of and experience in the Insurance sector
    Fellow of The Chartered Insurance Institute
    Won a number of Industry awards both personally and for the companies he has formed 

  • Nick Montgomery FCA MBCS

    Nick Montgomery FCA MBCS

    Chief Finance Officer

    Nick Montgomery

    Chief Finance Officer, FCA, MBCS

    Creative individual with tenacious attention to detail
    Expertise in assessing commercial potential of innovative products
    Specialist in financial modelling systems
    Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Member of the British Computer Society

  • John Galsworthy B.Eng

    John Galsworthy B.Eng

    Chief Technology Officer

    John Galsworthy

    Chief Technology Officer, BEng

    Highly accomplished individual with a considerable depth of expertise in IT
    Comfortable with management of large service operations with multidisciplinary workforces
    Won national MJ award within local government which dramatically improved customer service levels and productivity
    Prince 2 qualified, NEBOSH H&S and speaks a multitude of languages

  • James Harding

    James Harding

    Chief Operations Officer

    James Harding

    Chief Operations Officer

    Driven individual with a passion for perfection and challenging the status quo
    Has worked alongside Paul Stanley for nearly 15 years
    Self-starter and natural leader of teams at any company level
    Key figure in the Fraud Investigation Industry
    Wealth of experience in Insurance Claims Sector spanning most disciplines

  • Caroline Harrison DipM MCIM

    Caroline Harrison DipM MCIM

    Marketing Director

    Caroline Harrison

    Marketing Director DipM MCIM

    Focused and committed to helping businesses communicate more effectively.

    Highly experienced in B2B marketing; in both in-house and consultancy roles with companies in the technology, professional, financial services and public sectors.

    Caroline has devised and implemented marketing strategies to improve sales performance and bottom line results.

    Caroline is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

  • Paul Watkins BA (Hons)

    Paul Watkins BA (Hons)

    Director, 360Skylens

    Paul Watkins

    Director, 360Skylens, BA (Hons)

    Versatile professional specialising in diverse, state of the art, quality imagery
    Enduring and well-deserved reputation has ensured an extensive range of blue chip commercial and business clients
    BNUCs and CAA –certification and permission to fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) in UK Airspace
    Developed telescopic mast systems to enable innovative photographic capture

  • David Hogan

    David Hogan

    Chief Systems Architect and Designer

    David Hogan

    Chief Systems Architect and Designer

    Exceptionally intuitive individual with a passion for programming, delivery and client support
    Years of commercial experience in real time rich media delivery system development
    Technical ability spans from development of high level client and server-side software to low level infrastructure protocol configuration

  • Martyn Stanley MSc BA (Hons)

    Martyn Stanley MSc BA (Hons)

    Technical Manager

    Martyn Stanley

    Technical Manager, MSc BA (Hons)

    Extensive knowledge of Video over IP, system design and Geographical Information Systems
    Key role in the design development of our innovative products and services
    Considerable expertise in the deployment of tablet, phone and mobile devices
    Depth of knowledge of Latin American markets and fluent in Spanish

  • Jason Peto Cert CII

    Jason Peto Cert CII

    Business Development Manager

    Jason Peto 

    Business Development Manager

    Pioneering individual, constantly striving to reduce insurance fraud
    Over 25 years’ experience in the insurance claim industry
    Worked with Paul Stanley for 20 Years
    Instrumental in developing the next generation data analytics and fraud solution.
    CITI qualified project manager

  • Julie Riggott

    Julie Riggott


    Julie Riggott


    Highly versatile individual with a flair for effective communication at all levels.
    Over 25 years’ experience in key administrative and managerial positions.
    Impressive procedural, organisational and project management skills.
    Has a key role in our support and testing team and is responsible for creating and co-ordinating marketing and training materials for 360Globalnet's products and services

  • Jane Tyler

    Jane Tyler

    Financial Controller

    Jane Tyler

    Financial Controller

    Confident and driven financial professional
    Combines approachable manner with extensive skills in HR and Payroll
    Comprehensive and flexible method applied to all aspects of business administration
    Specialises in handling highly complex multi-company and group accounts

  • Olu Salau MBCS

    Olu Salau MBCS

    Immersive Video Manager

    Olu Salau

    Immersive Video Manager, MBCS

    Skilled computer professional with extensive versatility and experience
    Specialism in GPS-GIS based software and hardware and camera and imaging technology.
    Member of the British Computer Society

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